Seniors Computing Group

First established in 2008, the Walpole CRC Seniors Computing Group​ ​thrives.

​​Affiliated with the Australian Seniors Computing Clubs Association (ASCCA), the primary​ objective of the group is to help seniors learn how to benefit from computer technology in a friendly non-threatening environment.

The group caters to seniors who wish to learn specific applications at their own pace and offers opportunities for them to pass on what they have learned with their peers.

Walpole CRC hosts Walpole CRC Seniors Computing Group each Thursday afternoon from 1pm - 4pm, during school terms. 

To contribute or get involved, telephone the Walpole CRC at 08 9840 1395.​


Some of the projects taught and learned have included:

  • ABC Open - Summer School and Now and Then.
  • Suzannah Lyons of ABC Open, South Coast returned on 31st May for a new series of workshops centred around the use of digital cameras, called "Now and Then". This series was not restricted to seniors only and was open to everyone.
  • Genealogy
  • Calendar
  • Visual electronic presentations
  • Life stories
  • ASCCA competitions

NEC.pngThanks to NEC & the Federal Government's National ​Broadband Scheme two state-of-the-art computers and associated equipment have been installed at the CRC specifically for the Seniors Computing Group.

Other resources have been provided by DonorTec and ASSCA.​​