Business Plan

​​Executive Summary of Walpole CRC's 2013-2014 Business Plan

​It is with great pleasure that we submit our Walpole Business Plan 2013-2014 (PDF 2,962 KB) which details and evaluates our focus and aspirations for the coming year.

We have analysed and evaluated our strengths and identified any perceived weaknesses.

​Our Committee is confident that this Plan will see us achieve our goals and avoid any perceived threats.

We plan to consolidate our core business and take advantage of new opportunities that will present themselves during the coming year. 

Our strong focus on training will see our trainees continue to become a valuable resource for our business and the Walpole community.

This Business Plan has been prepared in order to:-

  • Support the Walpole Community Resource Centre (WCRC) in our applications for external financial assistance from various funding agencies which will include, amongst others:

    • The Community Development Division of the Department of Regional Development and Lands

    • Regional Development Australia

    • Lotterywest

    • The Regional Development Commissions

    • Shire of Manjimup

  • Clarify the scope and nature of the business we are in

  • Provide our management committee with the rationale for the ways that we choose to allocate our financial, human, physical resources so we can achieve our business objects for the year

  • Demonstrate the way the WCRC plans to take an expanded role in interacting with and developing the Walpole Community

  • Provide our management committee with a way to monitor our progress throughout the year as we work to achieve our objectives and evaluate and performance

  • Orientate our new staff and committee members

​​​​​​​​​​​This 2013/2014 Business Plan has been endorsed by the Walpole Community Resource Centre Management Committee at the 29th May, 2013 committee meeting.​

Download Walpole Business Plan 2013-2014 (PDF ​2,962 KB).